daniela marin

Well, I think there’s no more space for silence inside myself. It’s time to speak. Or to shout? Who knows how people would perceive me, how they are willing to become aware of their own perception style. It’s a new trend, didn’t you know?… Well, recently perception is trained. We learn how to positively perceive everything, we learn how to program our subtle inner processes under the majestic control of our repetitive thoughts-words, ignoring anything that could affect programming. Yet, the action of ignoring it is preceded by the action of becoming aware of that thing, situation, emotion that might endanger our happy, positive living. Once we become aware, we know it, and it is there for good. Our subconscious and holographic memory has been already imprinted – or lighted up – with that “unhappy pin”. To ignore means to stop feeding with energy, means that idea, thought, feeling will…

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