daniela maria marin

We are all living such a complex experience – this life in 21st century – don’t you think? There are so many things happening at the very same time, good things, beautiful things, sad things, bad things, all together melting into one unique experience of life.

I had the honor and the opportunity to be part of the Romanian team of Consonance Chamber Choir  in Chernomorski Zvutsi International Choir Festival, that took place in Balchik, Bulgaria, 4-8th of June, 2014. The organizers have done a wonderful job. They, MUNICIPALITY OF BALCHIK , ASSOCIATION “MUSICAL WORLD-BALCHIK”, MIXED CHOIR “CHERNOMORSKI ZVUTSI”COMUNITE CENTRE “PAISII HILENDARSKI-1870” ,  not only offered support and helped each group, each choir to enjoy their stay in Balchik, but offered the chance for intercultural connections, for sharing experience, for sharing, to say it all in one word only.

Workshops brought together people from Italy, Denmark…

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