daniela marin

Lately I am watching how life is showing me this symbol: The Trio! Would this be related to Trinity?… If perfection, beauty, majestic music are qualities I could attach to both trio and trinity, then, yes, it might remind me so.

First, almost a month ago, it was the Monte Piano Trio. Their concert at George Enescu Museum in Bucharest filled my heart with beauty, my spirit with great joy. The energy they shared was beautiful and empathetic.Their sound captured my heart. It is rare to me to feel this way when it’s about music. I can’t explain why, but it is not necessarily linked to a high standard virtuosity, but to the essence of music, the energy of music. The Sound has to be perfect. The flow, philosophy, feeling, love, joy, beauty, harmony… i don’t know, but definitely all together!

And this evening there was another trio: Hiromi – The Trio Project…

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